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Robot Double Dutch

Robot Double Dutch

is an ongoing prototype researching the productive exchange between analog and digital means of form finding.  The project is fundamentally interested in developing computational vocabulary and eventual prowess by unfolding kinetic intelligence and the embodied knowledge of the body in motion.  Specifically the project tasks robotics with rising to a standard of precision in rhythmic rigor, where previously accountability has been largely prioritized around spatial precision, this projects holds ABB robotic arms to precision in spatial as well as time coordinated metrics measured through a familiar game touching home to many, the simple and sophisticated play of double dutch.

Robot Double Dutch is a project by Amina Blacksher, first prototyped in 2019 at the Embodied Computation Lab of Princeton University School of Architecture.

57 Great Jones St_Elevation_web_edited.j

genealogy of a building

Genealogy of a Building is a documentary film drawing a comprehensive living portrait of the residence and studio of American icon Jean-Michel Basquiat.  

Status: In production


Musée Océanographique de Monaco

The project defines volume through bunching, and uses bunching as rustication, allowing hierarchy to be created through zones of difference.  Large swaths of surface remain unfettered while others are hyper-articulated, breaking down scale to create entryways. 

Expanding the exhibition space of the adjacent Musée Océanographique, the scheme houses educational, conference and research facilities in a series of interconnected buildings.  Exhibition areas are linked sectionally through a central stair which traces the enfilade of wet and dry galleries along the central axis.  

Status: Proposal


volume-filled surface - 2

volume-filled surface - 1

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